Now entering its ninth year as a companion publication to EyeWorld, Ophthalmology Business is focused on business topics relevant to the ophthalmologist’s role as an entrepreneurial CEO of his or her practice. 
Past issues have focused on:
• The role of financial investment both personally and for an ophthalmic practice
• Tips for hiring employees who have great attitudes and are motivated by achievement
• The fundamentals of excellent customer/patient relationship management
• Establishing a sound insurance strategy to preserve income and a family future
• Utilizing effective communication skills to create greater efficiencies within a practice
• Practical tax tips to preserve revenue and income
• How social and digital media websites can be an effective way for surgeons to connect and educate

The print version of Ophthalmology Business is printed 4 times a year and rides along with the related EyeWorld issue.

Advertisements are accepted for all issues of Ophthalmology Business.


Ophthalmology Business is circulated to 17,845 U.S. ophthalmologists

Advertiser profile

Ophthalmology Business provides an ideal advertising vehicle to advertisers offering business services and products to the entrepreneurial ophthalmologist.
These product categories include:
• EMR systems providers
• Ancillary products or services to enhance the ophthalmic practice (optometric services, optical shop, audiology, etc.)
• Marketing and strategic services companies • Patient finance and capital equipment financing services
• Additionally, medical device and pharmaceutical companies seeking to change practice habits and patient flow in a business environment will find advertising in Ophthalmology Business provides a targeted audience of motivated readers seeking to improve the business operations of their practices.