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EyeWorld Meeting and Event Services
Setting the standard in high quality satellite educational events

EyeWorld is committed to providing the highest level of service throughout the planning process, event and post-event enduring contents program, and reconciliation process.

With a 19-year history of presenting successful, well-attended, educational meetings for our satisfied partners in the ophthalmic industry, we invite you to review this summary of our meeting capabilities and programming types. EyeWorld, in partnership with ASCRS, is able to provide the full spectrum of educational meetings from CME symposia, to non-CME independent medical education, to promotional events. Hosting events ranging in size from 50 to more than 2,000 attendees, EyeWorld’s attention to detail is applied to all facets of meeting planning.

For promotional events, each event is custom-tailored to meet the needs of the client. EyeWorld works closely with the client in creating specific marketing and design, food and beverage, stage set, and audiovisual needs. Our promotional meetings are created to provide maximum impact for the sponsoring client.

For independent medical education, EyeWorld’sexperienced marketing, design, and logistics staff combined with ASCRS’ programming experience provides a high-quality balanced examination of the most important issues in ophthalmology today.

At the ASCRS•ASOA Annual Meeting

As a wholly owned subsidiary of ASCRS, EyeWorld provides preferred meeting space and program times to its event partners at the ASCRS•ASOA Annual Meeting. EyeWorld also has access to powerful resources within ASCRS and ASOA to maximize event marketing for
audience recruitment. 

Available at other U.S. and global meetings

Our meeting and event services are not limited to the ASCRS•ASOA Annual Meeting. EyeWorld has a distinguished history of creating effective and memorable events at other U.S. meetings as well as at international conferences including AAO, ESCRS, APACRS, APAO, and AIOS.

Regional meetings

EyeWorld’s meetings and events program now includes the capability to host a series of regional or local meetings. For promotional events, EyeWorld works closely with the corporate sponsor and provides a customized program designed to create a turnkey experience for the sponsor.


This virtual event is growing in popularity, and EyeWorld has expanded its meetings services capability to include webinars. A webinar program may be developed through any of the three types of EyeWorld events. EyeWorld again provides turnkey service in creating a well-attended, organized, and successful program.

EyeWorld and ASCRS deliver:

• Preferred meeting dates, times, and locations at the ASCRS•ASOA Annual Meeting;
• Aggressive marketing tactics to drive attendance utilizing all of the resources at EyeWorld’s and ASCRS’ disposal;
• Knowledgeable programming staff with strong resources including ASCRS leadership, Clinical Committee members, and ASOA Program Committee members;
• Experience in logistical and marketing services that create a turnkey environment for the sponsoring company. Services include vendor negotiations, marketing and audience recruitment, and content facilitation and programming consultation;
• An unparalleled attention to detail and service that provide highly flexible solutions to clients’ needs.

EyeWorld CME Educational Symposia are live meetings jointly sponsored by EyeWorld and ASCRS. The content for these programs will be developed based upon the educational needs identified through ASCRS’ annual needs assessment process conducted by the ASCRS
CME Advisory Committee and ratified by the ASCRS Executive Committee. EyeWorld will be seeking corporate support in the form of unrestricted educational grants for these programs.

EyeWorld Education: ASCRS-Authorized Education are non-CME programs funded by independent medical education grants. EyeWorld and ASCRS recognize the need for balanced education in a non-CME environment. Funding is obtained through educational grants.

EyeWorld Corporate Events provide companies an opportunity to offer their own educational content adjacent to major ophthalmic meetings in the U.S. as well as at international destinations. EyeWorld facilitates the logistics, planning, and marketing of these events; the corporate host controls the content.

EyeWorld Corporate Mornings are offered exclusively on Saturday morning at the ASCRS•ASOA Annual Meeting. EyeWorld Corporate Mornings offer an economical means of holding an event at the annual meeting within the confines of the convention center or in a nearby hotel.