Mechanical Requirements


All advertising specifications require a .25” safety margin all around from trim size plus .5” in the center gutter for spreads for live matter.

  Full page:

Ad size: 8.5” x 10.875”
Bleed size: 8.75” x 11.125”
Live area: 8x10.375”
.5” gutter width



Ad size: 17” x 10.875”
Bleed size: 17.5” x 11.375”
Live area: 16.5”x10.3681”


1/2 page vertical

Ad size: 4.25” x 10.875”
Bleed size: 4.5” x 11.125”
Live area: 3.75”x10.375”

1/2 page horizontal

Ad size: 8.5” x5.4125”
Bleed size: 8.75” x 5.687”
Live area: 8x4.875”

1/3 page vertical

Ad size: 2.75”x8.125”
Bleed size: 3.25”x8.625”
Live area: 2.255”x7.6225”

1/3 page horizontal

Ad size: 8.5 x3.625” 
Bleed size: 8.75” x 3.875”
Live area: 8x3.125”

EyeWorld does not permit the insertion of marketing materials that conflict with ASCRS, ASOA, or EyeWorld produced events, programs, or meetings into its publications or other promotional vehicles. This includes marketing for meetings produced by competitive publications and CME providers, as well as industry. If you have a meeting ad you wish to run but are unsure of its eligibility, please forward a proof to Cathy Stern prior to submitting your IO or consult your salesperson.