GTO Global Trends in Ophthalmology

Now in its fourth year, EyeWorld expands its clinical trend database to include European and Asian physicians and U.S. optometrists

We are pleased to announce the expansion of the Global Trends in Ophthalmology database as we enter our fourth year of operation. Developed to measure key clinical opinions and practice patterns on the most compelling and controversial issues in ophthalmology, the survey was conducted during the 2016 ASCRS•ASOA Symposium & Congress. Through 209 questions, ASCRS members provided input and opinion on 551 unique, measurable data elements across 13 different clinical areas—from cataract and laser vision correction surgery, to postoperative inflammation and its treatment, ocular surface, glaucoma, and retina.

ASCRS commissioned the survey in order to collect the background data needed to shape future decisions by its Programming and Clinical Committees and as a way to support independent educational grant projects. Additionally, the survey yielded a tremendous amount of data that ASCRS thinks would be of interest to industry. 

The survey captured significant data on categorical product preferences by manufacturer, procedure volume, geographic location (down to the zip code for U.S. doctors), age, practice setting, and other key parameters.

Global Trends in Ophthalmology (GTO) has developed a set of data analysis reports on compelling cross analytics, and category-specific follow-up surveys, which are now available for industry to access. 

These reports include the following:

Overall cross-analytic trend report: A 30-page report on 15 different subgroups and a description of how these subgroups differ from each other.

Product category trend report: Several 15-page reports show the statistically significant differences and similarities between physicians using different manufacturers’ technology in a specific category, and overall trends in the category. This report will cover both demographic trends as well as clinical opinion/practice pattern trends. 

Follow-up surveys on category-specific issues: GTO plans to periodically develop smaller follow-up surveys to the membership with about 30 data points on
questions on a specific clinical area. A 30-page report on data and compelling cross-analytic trends from this survey will be produced.

Customized cross-analytic services. Customized cross-analysis of multiple variables and associated trends from any of the 485 acquired data points is available. Report length and analysis depth can be tailored to fit specific needs and interests.

Additional information on these Clinical Survey data sets, including prices for customized reports, may be obtained by contacting us at info@globaltrendsinophthalmology.com.

Additional survey details:

• The Clinical Survey is the only membership survey authorized and supported by ASCRS. It will be conducted annually at the ASCRS•ASOA Symposium & Congress.

• Survey questions were developed and reviewed in consultation with key members of the ASCRS Clinical Committees and validated by a social science statistician. 

GTO is pleased to announce the expansion of its database to include the clinical opinions of the European community, Brazilian and Asia-Pacific ophthalmologists. Additionally, information on the clinical opinions of optometrists as they relate to the comanagement of cases will be available. By the middle of 2017, we expect to be able to provide cross-analytic reports on all of the areas and specialties utilizing a database of almost 5,000 HCPs.

For more information, email info@GlobalTrendsinOphthalmology.com or contact your sales representative