Editorial Submissions

Every issue contains in-depth coverage of cataract, refractive, cornea, and glaucoma.


Editorial submissions

EyeWorld is a news magazine written for ophthalmologists who specialize in cataract and/or refractive surgery as well as corneal surgery and glaucoma treatment. Articles published in EyeWorld cover a wide range of topics including surgical techniques, case study analyses, and product innovations. EyeWorld accepts original manuscripts for publication consideration. Unsolicited manuscripts are welcome. Articles for EyeWorld should be written in a clear,concise, expository style. Major points should be fully supported and analyzed. Introductory paragraphs should explain the author’s purpose for writing, and any financial interests pertaining to ophthalmic companies or products that the
author(s) may have are to be cited in the manuscript. EyeWorld is not an academic journal; thus a scholarly format is not necessary. Manuscripts should range from 800 to 1,000 words.

When submitting manuscripts for potential publication, authors should provide their full names, academic or professional titles and credentials, financial interests, complete addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses. Relevant graphs, charts, and clinical photographs should also accompany the submitted manuscript.

EyeWorld does not pay authors for manuscripts, photographs, and other graphic elements. EyeWorld follows a policy of exclusive publication. Articles published elsewhere are not accepted.

EyeWorld assumes sole copyright of any article and artwork published in EyeWorld. Permission of the publisher is required before an article published in EyeWorld can be copied or reproduced. Requests to reprint an EyeWorld article in another print or online publication should be directed to Cathy Stern at cathy@eyeworld.org. To submit a manuscript to EyeWorld or for more information, please contact Amy Goldenberg, EyeWorld editor, at amy@eyeworld.org.




Each issue of EyeWorld contains various monthly columns, cover feature articles, and regular columns in the areas of cataract,refractive, glaucoma, and cornea. In addition, each issue shares clinical and surgical news highlights, case studies, research highlights, presentation spotlights, and more. EyeWorld readers depend on these columns to provide cutting-edge information in the rapidly changing world of ophthalmology.

Clinical & surgical

Anterior segment grand rounds

Addresses a surgical challenge or issue and management pearls using a grand rounds format

Editors’ corners of the world

Highlights current topics or issues in anterior segment surgery or clinical practice 

EyeWorld journal club

Provides abstract and residents’ discussion of a recent, noteworthy article from the Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery

YES connect

Provides expert pearls on surgical basics for young surgeons



 Device focus

Spotlights commonly used equipment and instruments in the ophthalmic industry

Pharmaceutical focus

Highlights the newest pharmaceuticals and their place in treating ophthalmic disorders