Editorial Calendar

January February

Cover feature: Everything you wanted to know about IOL calculations 

MFIOL with toric component; how to best measure K values and predict IOL calculations after refractive surgery; post-refractive IOL calculations and which IOLs to use; pearls from the experts on improving refractive outcomes

Device focus: Update trifocals

Pharmaceutical focus: Improving the ocular surface before cataract surgery

Space closing: November 18, 2016
Materials due: December 9, 2016


Cover feature: Glaucoma and the cataract patient

When to use or not to use MIGS and differences among available technologies; glaucoma medication management after cataract surgery; improving the ocular surface in the glaucoma patient; cataract surgery and angle closure glaucoma

Device focus: Dry eye diagnostics 

Pharmaceutical focus: Patient compliance with glaucoma medications

Space closing: December 16, 2016
Materials due: January 13, 2017

March April

Cover feature: Update on intracorneal inlays

Overview of inlays and their advantages/hurdles; identifying candidates for corneal inlays; strategies to predict success and patient satisfaction; where does this technology fit into the continuum of presbyopia solutions?; how to make the perfect tunnel for inlays; development of inlays in the pipeline

Device focus: Patient selection for presbyopia procedures

Pharmaceutical focus: Role of corticosteroids

Space closing: January 13, 2017
Materials due: February 17, 2017

Bonus distribution: 
Symposium & Congress

Cover feature: Controversies in cataract/anterior segment surgery

Artificial iris implantation; intracameral antibiotics; dropless cataract surgery; NSAIDs before/during/after cataract surgery; vancomycin and hemorrhagic occlusive retinal vasculitis; immediately sequential bilateral cataract surgery

Device focus: Extended depth of focus IOLs

Pharmaceutical focus: Update on allergy medications 

Space closing: February 17, 2017
Materials due: March 17, 2017

Bonus distribution: 
Symposium & Congress

May June

Cover feature: Treating the cornea before cataract surgery

Topographic and wavefront ablations before cataract surgery; corneal conditions to look for and treat before surgery; amniotic membrane uses and abuses; treating the ocular surface for non-cornea specialists

Device focus: Measuring posterior corneal astigmatism

Pharmaceutical focus: Update on immunomodulation for dry eye disease 

Space closing: March 17, 2017
Materials due: April 14, 2017

Cover feature: Rebirth of laser correction vision

Emergence of new technology; treating irregular corneas for cataract patients who had LASIK; pearls on how to start doing corneal refractive surgery; wavefront-guided LASIK and topography-guided LASIK

Device focus: SMILE update

Pharmaceutical focus: Non-surgical treatment of presbyopia

Space closing: April 14, 2017
Materials due: May 19, 2017

July August

Cover feature: MIGS roundup

Tips and techniques for optimizing already approved MIGS; recently
approved MIGS; pearls for use; trabeculectomy vs. XEN vs. tubes 

Device focus: Comparison of femto platforms

Pharmaceutical focus: Intraocular drug delivery systems for glaucoma

Space closing: May 19, 2017
Materials due: June 13, 2017


Cover feature: Steroids roundup

Overview of basic steroids to what’s in the future; when to use the many different steroids; delivery options for corticosteroids in the pipeline;  corticosteroids prior to cataract surgery

Device focus: Artificial corneas

Pharmaceutical focus: Update on NSAIDs

Space closing: June 13, 2017
Materials due: July 14, 2017

Bonus distribution: 2017 ESCRS 

September October

Cover feature: Update on crosslinking

Update on crosslinking; patient selection; epi-on vs. epi-off; high fluence short duration vs. low energy long duration treatment; crosslinking for other conditions

Device focus: Potential accommodating IOLs coming down the pipeline

Pharmaceutical focus: Glaucoma medications update

Space closing: July 14, 2017

Materials due: August 18, 2017

Bonus distribution: 
2017 AAO Annual Meeting


Cover feature: Challenging cataract cases: In the face of ocular co-morbidities

Cataract with: AMD; moderate and advanced glaucoma; corneal disease; uveitis; retinitis pigmentosa; diabetes; dementia 

Device focus: Update on pupil dilating devices 

Pharmaceutical focus: Intravitreal injections 

Space closing: August 18, 2017

Materials due: September 15, 2017

Bonus distribution: 
2017 AAO Annual Meeting

November December

Cover feature: Dry eye disease update

Diagnosing and treat dry eye disease to improve cataract outcomes; OSD pathway from prognosis to treatment; how to work it into the flow of your office; dry eye pipeline update

Device focus: Getting started on corneal topography

Pharmaceutical focus: Endophthalmitis prevention

Space closing: September 15, 2017
Materials due: October 13, 2017


Cover feature: Survive or thrive: Preparing for vast changes in

What should practices do to prepare for changes such as mining EHR and adding non-insurance based areas to practices; getting involved in a surgicenter; adding optometry and a dry eye center of excellence to your practice, or merging practices; update on MACRA 

Device focus: Update on EHR 

Pharmaceutical focus: Using amniotic membranes for ocular surface optimization

Space closing: October 13, 2017
Materials due: November 17, 2017

Bonus distribution: 
2018 Hawaiian Eye