Clinical Committees

ASCRS Clinical Committees advise EyeWorld on the latest topics in ophthalmology research, techniques, and trends. The prestigious physicians on the Clinical Committees combined with the renowned ophthalmologists on the Editorial Board make EyeWorld the cutting-edge news and feature magazine for ophthalmologists.

2018 ASCRS Clinical Committees


Douglas J. Rhee, MD (chair) 

• Ike Ahmed, MD
• Reay Brown, MD
• Jacob Brubaker, MD
• Garry Condon, MD
• Brian Francis, MD
• Paul Harasymowycz, MD, FRCSC
• Leon Herndon, MD
• Marlene Moster, MD
• Robert Noecker, MD
• Michael Oats, MD
• Thomas Patrianakos, MD
• Nathan Radcliffe, MD
• Thomas Samuelson, MD
• Steven Sarkisian Jr, MD
• Steven Vold, MD
• Amy Zhang, MD


Richard S. Hoffman, MD (chair)

• Ehud Assia, MD
• David Chang, MD (Adv.)
• Kendall Donaldson, MD
• Gary Foster, MD
• Warren Hill, MD
• Nick Mamalis, MD (Adv.)
• Kevin Miller, MD
• Tal Raviv, MD
• Neal Shorstein, MD
• Kent Stiverson, MD
• Hungwon Tchah, MD
• Richard Tipperman, MD
• Robert Weinstock, MD


Francis S. Mah, MD (chair)

• John Berdahl, MD
• Clara Chan, MD
• Marjan Farid, MD
• Jose Gomes, MD
• Preeya Gupta, MD
• Edward Holland, MD (Adv.)
• Terry Kim, MD (Adv.)
• Christopher Starr, MD
• Elizabeth Yeu, MD

Refractive surgery

John A. Vukich, MD (chair)

• Scott Barnes, MD
• John Cason, MD
• Daniel Chang, MD
• Steven Dell, MD
• Eric Donnenfeld, MD (Adv.)
• A. John Kanellopoulos, MD
• Sherman Reeves, MD
• Steven Schallhorn, MD
• Vance Thompson, MD
• George Waring IV, MD
• Mitchell Weikert, MD
• William Wiley, MD


Steve Charles, MD (chair)

• Ron Adelman, MD 
• Rajendra Apte, MD,
• David Boyer, MD
• David Brown, MD
• J. Michael Jumper, MD
• William Mieler, MD
• Kevin Miller, MD (Ant. Seg. Rep.)
• Timothy Olsen, MD
• Chirag Shah, MD
• Keith Warren, MD (Adv.)

Young Eye Surgeons

Sumit (Sam) Garg, MD, chair

• Zaina Al-Mohtaseb, MD
• Berdine Burger, MD
• Jessica Ciralsky, MD
• David Crandall, MD
• Samuel Lee, MD
• Claudia Perez-Straziota, MD
• Leela Raju, MD
• Naveen Rao, MD
• Julie Schallhorn, MD
• Charles Weber, MD
• Elizabeth Yeu, MD (Adv.)
• Zachary Zavodni, MD