2018 Editorial Calendar

January February

Cover feature: All you need to know about cornea transplants

What’s new in cornea transplants; DMEK tissue preparation; surgical pearls

Device focus: New devices in cataract

Pharmaceutical focus: Holistic therapies for MGD

Space closing: November 21, 2017
Materials due: December 8, 2017


Cover feature: Laser vision correction

New technologies; treatment of irregular corneas; topographic ablations

Device focus: Boston Keratoprosthesis update

Pharmaceutical focus: Compounding glaucoma drops

Space closing: December 19, 2017
Materials due: January 12, 2018

Bonus distribution:
Annual Meeting


March April

Cover feature: IOLs: Enlightening the present and future

Overview of the current state of IOLs; future development

Device focus: New software for improving surgical outcomes

Pharmaceutical focus: Perioperative drug delivery platforms and cataract surgery

Space closing: January 25, 2018
Materials due: February 16, 2018

Bonus distribution:
Annual Meeting

Cover feature: Intersection of refractive surgery and MIGS

MIGS for the comprehensive and refractive surgeon; pearls for matching patients with devices

Device focus: Technologies that improve refractive surgery

Pharmaceutical focus: Lifitegrast

Space closing: February 27, 2018
Materials due: March 16, 2018

May June

Cover feature: Navigating the red eye

Diagnosis and treatment of pink eye; allergic conjunctivitis; topical
steroids and allergy

Device focus: Comparing devices for lid margin therapy

Pharmaceutical focus: Implants and sustained delivery

Space closing: March 28, 2018
Materials due: April 13, 2018

Cover feature: Neuro-ophthalmology for the anterior
segment surgeon

Neuro-ophthalmology and cornea, cataract, refractive, and glaucoma

Device focus: Premium implant selection

Pharmaceutical focus: HORV

Space closing: April 25, 2018
Materials due: May 18, 2018

July August

Cover feature: Challenging cases

How surgeons have faced challenging cases in cornea, cataract, refractive, and glaucoma

Device focus: MIGS for cataract surgeons

Pharmaceutical focus: Outflow drugs that may enhance MIGS

Space closing: May 24, 2018
Materials due: June 13, 2018


Cover feature: Glaucoma’s armamentarium

Exploration of the now full armamentarium of MIGS with trabecular, supraciliary, and some conjunctival techniques

Device focus: Transscleral SLT

Pharmaceutical focus: Acanthamoeba treatment

Space closing: June 21, 2018
Materials due: July 13, 2018

September October

Cover feature: Products in the pipeline that could change how
you practice 

Refractive surgeons on new and developing products

Device focus: New methods for IOL calculations

Pharmaceutical focus: Intravitreal steroid implants

Space closing: July 26, 2018
Materials due: August 18, 2018
Bonus distribution:
2018 ESCRS Congress

Bonus distribution:
2018 AAO Annual Meeting



Cover feature: Revisiting astigmatism

Measuring astigmatism; correcting corneal astigmatism; astigmatic keratotomy

Device focus: Sulcus lenses

Pharmaceutical focus: Dry eye review

Space closing: August 30, 2018
Materials due: September 14, 2018

Bonus distribution:
2018 AAO Annual Meeting


November December

Cover feature: Improving the ocular surface for cataract and
refractive surgeons

Challenging cases; review of when to use topical or oral medications

Device focus: Artificial iris implants

Pharmaceutical focus: Cataract surgery and “less drops”

Space closing: October 2, 2018
Materials due: October 12, 2018


Cover feature: Healthy habits for good eye health

Nutrition; eye rubbing; contact lens wearing habits

Device focus: 24-hour monitoring of intraocular pressure

Pharmaceutical focus: Biological products for treatment of dry eye

Space closing: October 22, 2018
Materials due: November 9, 2018