Final Program

Guaranteed distribution to all registered attendees

ASCRS•ASOA produces two versions of the Final Program:

• An abridged printed Onsite Final Program: For quick reference by the attendee

• A fully expanded Final Program: Online with complete information in e-book format

Onsite Final Program

Upon registering onsite, all attendees receive an abridged printed Onsite Final Program in the attendee tote bag. This program serves as a guide to the three main programs: ASCRS Symposium, ASOA Congress, and the Technicians and Nurses Program. The Final Program will also include a summary of the special events, the winning entries of the Ophthalmic Photographers Society, an exhibit hall map, and a listing of exhibitors and booth numbers. Each section is organized by day and shows the paper sessions, symposia, and courses offered during each session, along with the room locations.

The Onsite Final Program is a small-format, easy-to-use guide to the meeting. The guide has the sections most pertinent to daily use by the attendee. The program will be spiral bound, using a higher quality paper and four-color process. Premium positions include the cover positions as well as the tabbed dividers. Front and rear stack run of book positions are also available.

All advertisers in the Onsite Final Program will have their ad placed in the Online Final Program at no
additional charge, doubling the exposure of the ad to the attendee.

Online Final Program

The online version of the Final Program will be in an easy-to-use, fully indexed format. The online version will have all of the information that was contained in the large printed program used prior to 2011. This detailed information will be made available to the attendee 2–3 weeks prior to the start of the meeting.


Space reservations: February 14, 2017

Materials due: February 24, 2017

Agency commission

15%. All charges are commissionable except bind-in charges on inserts and special-request production charges.

Advertising rates  (All rates gross)


Four color



Full page


1/2 page


Cover 4


Cover 3


Cover 2


Tab divider



ISI rate card


Four color



Full page


1/2 page


Cover 4


Cover 3


Cover 2


Tab divider


Discontinuation of the black and white rate card

In 2016, ASCRSMedia discontinued the black and white rate card. As printing 

technology has evolved and advertisers have focused on the advantages of using color, there has been rapidly declining demand for black and white ads.

However, ASCRSMedia also recognizes the requirement for pharmaceutical and medical device companies to publish ISI statements adjacent to their display ads. These federally mandated requirements do not add to the brand promotion of a product and can be prohibitively expensive. For this reason, we have created an ISI rate card for firms placing ads that require an ISI statement alongside their ad. This rate card may only be used for ISI statements. These ads are not restricted to black and white; spot color may be included in these ads.

Please contact your salesperson for additional information or any questions you may have on this program.

Advertising specifications



Trim size

Live area

Bleed size


6.75” x 9.375”

5.75” x 9.125”

7.00” x 9.625”

Tab ads (bound along 9.375”) and inside ads:

Full page

6.25” x 9.375”

5.25” x 9.125”

6.5” x 9.625”

1/2 page vertical

3.625” x 9.375”

2.5” x 9.125”

3.25’’ x 9.625”

1/2 page horizontal

6.25” x 4.625”

5.25” x 4.375”

6.5” x 4.750”

Page size is magazine narrow: 6.25” x 9.375” Film is no longer accepted.

All ads should be supplied in PDF, EPS, or native layout files (QuarkXPress or InDesign).

All art should be CMYK and 300 dpi at final printed size. PDF is preferred.

PDF and EPS: High resolution (300+ dpi) with all fonts and art embedded (OPI off); all bleeds accounted for (1/8” extra on all sides).

Native files: QuarkXPress or InDesign only. Quark is preferred. Allow for bleeds if
necessary; include all fonts and placed art: .tif, .jpg, .eps. All art should be CMYK and 300+ dpi at final printed size. 

An actual-size, high-resolution proof is required for all ads.


PLEASE NOTE: This is a spiral bound book, which is why there is a .5” safe area on both sides of the page.

ASCRSMedia does not permit the insertion of marketing materials that conflict with ASCRS, ASOA, or EyeWorld produced events, programs, or meetings into its publications or other promotional vehicles. This includes marketing for meetings produced by competitive publications and CME providers, as well as industry. If you have a meeting ad you wish to run but are unsure of its eligibility, please forward a proof to Cathy Stern prior to submitting your IO or consult your salesperson.



The online Final Program for the ASCRS•ASOA Symposium & Congress

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