EyeWorld Asia-Pacific Enduring Content Services

Extending the reach

EyeWorld Asia-Pacific offers multiple methods of reaching the ophthalmic surgeon with enduring contents. As the official news magazine of APACRS, COS, and KSCRS, all EyeWorld Asia-Pacific enduring materials are ensured immediate recognition and credibility among the ophthalmic community.

Distribution channels and media
Recognizing that physicians today obtain their information through a variety of sources and media, EyeWorld Asia-Pacific has the ability to produce:
• Print supplements
• Digital supplements
• Video on-demand
• Audio and video podcasts
• Web-based programming

These projects are designed to provide ophthalmologists with content that either introduces or reinforces new information on therapies, procedures, or products.
EyeWorld Asia-Pacific can create economies of scale to enable an interested industry partner to produce materials using one or more of these media options simultaneously. 

Content development
EyeWorld Asia-Pacific can produce enduring content from a wide variety of sources including:
• Coverage of Asia-Pacific ophthalmic meetings
• EyeWorld Asia-Pacific Corporate Event programming
• Physician roundtables (live or virtual)
• One-on-one interviews conducted by EyeWorld Asia-Pacific editorial staff with a pre-selected faculty
• Coverage of independent, corporate-sponsored events
• Webinars

EyeWorld provides full marketing to promote the release of enduring contents through the use of:
• Print advertising
• E-blast
• Banner ads in EyeWorld Weekly Update, the weekly electronic newsletter
• Banner ads on EyeWorld.org and APACRS.org
• The latest technology permitting interactivity between mobile devices and print materials

EyeWorld ensures reach of enduring materials to physicians through a variety of outlets including:
• EyeWorld Asia-Pacific magazine: Print supplements appearing in EyeWorld magazine are ensured the broadest circulation of any ophthalmic print publication in the region
• EyeWorld Daily News Asia-Pacific: With proper advance planning, a supplement may appear in EyeWorld Daily News Asia-Pacific, the official meeting daily of the 2017 APACRS annual meeting and other Asia-Pacific ophthalmic meetings
• EyeWorld rePlay: Audio, video, and slides from a live event may be captured and posted on EyeWorld rePlay, EyeWorld’s web-based video library
• EyeWorld.org: All EyeWorld Asia-Pacific print supplements are also posted on EyeWorld.org and APACRS.org. Supplements are also made available as downloadable PDFs on the site.
• Global distribution: Through its own publication network as well as alliances with global publications, EyeWorld enduring content can be leveraged through economies of scale to reach more than 70,000 ophthalmologists worldwide.

Global reach

EyeWorld recognizes the globalization of developments in anterior segment surgery. Through an alignment with several international ophthalmic surgical societies and publications, EyeWorld Asia-Pacific can create enduring contents that can reach a global audience of more than 70,000 physicians. EyeWorld Asia-Pacific enduring content services may now be delivered to an international audience via:
• EyeWorld U.S.: Reaching the entire U.S. ophthalmic community as well as all international ASCRS members
• EyeWorld Asia-Pacific: Circulated to all members of the Asia-Pacific Association of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons, the Chinese Ophthalmological Society, the All-India Society, and the Korean Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgery
• Eurotimes*: Distributed to the Eurotimes  European circulation list
• Foco*: Circulated to 8,000 Brazilian ophthalmologists
• ALACCSA.com*: Posted PDF on the Latin American Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons website
• EyeWorld rePlay, an interactive web-based content capture system on the globally accessible digital.eyeworld.org
• Podcast, e-book, PDF, and video on-demand on the globally accessible EyeWorld.org site

*Through a joint marketing alliance

Video and digital capture and post EyeWorld recognizes the significant expense of time, energy, and money required to host a successful live event. We are firm believers in providing the capability to extend the reach of live programming through the use of video and web technologies. EyeWorld offers the capture of the full program for posting.

EyeWorld rePlay
Hosted on the EyeWorld.org site, EyeWorld rePlay captures the event, slide decks, audio, and video of an event and synchronizes all medium into a seamless package available for viewing on the site. Multi-camera shoots are available to capture headshots of the speakers on the podium and at a panel. EyeWorld provides the post-production services necessary to create a dynamic, seamless presentation. We will work with your marketing teams and your compliance officers to create an effective yet compliant presentation for enduring use.

Live internet streaming
EyeWorld provides the corporate sponsor with the opportunity to reach physicians unable to attend the event by allowing them to view it via real-time internet streaming. EyeWorld’s internet streaming system automatically adjusts to the individual viewer’s level of internet service to avoid buffering, resolution, and sync issues. 

For more information on EyeWorld Asia-Pacific event and enduring content services, please contact:

Paul Zelin