2017 AIOS Jaipur

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Jaipur, India AIOS meeting daily

Onsite meeting marketing opportunity published live in Jaipur, India

EyeWorld is pleased to present EyeWorld Daily News for the 75th Platinum Jubilee Annual Conference of the All India Ophthalmology Society (AIOS 2017) on February 16–19, 2017. The daily newspaper will be published onsite at the annual meeting. The publication dates are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, February 16–19, 2017. In addition, a “best of AIOS Daily News” will be sent via email at the close of the meeting to a global readership.

Expertise and experience in ophthalmic publishing

We produce a digital archive site that includes our last day e-edition, daily.eyeworld.org, viewable on desktops, tablets, and other mobile devices.

This site link is sent to our global database of more than 25,000 global physicians as well as meeting attendees promoting the e-edition after the last day, which extends the post marketing for a broader reach for both the meeting awareness and the advertisers that support it. This will also be promoted in EyeWorld globally. We currently publish in the U.S., China, India, Pacific Rim, and Korea.

The perfect place to …

• Announce new product launches

• Publicize your breakfast launches

• Drive booth traffic or promote lecture series

Price includes ad in all three days of the daily plus the     e-blast “best of” edition following the meeting to more than   14,000 ophthalmologists.




2-day price (Fri. and Sat. only)

All 4 days

Back cover



Inside front cover



Inside back cover



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Full page



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Space opens: November 13, 2016

Space closes: February 26, 2017

Materials due: March 11, 2017

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Paul Zelin, Sales

Phone: 1-703-383-5729

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Email: paul@eyeworld.org


Don Long, Publisher

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