EyeWorld.org – optimized for desktop and notebook computing

EyeWorld.org is the desktop-optimized website for EyeWorld.
The site includes the latest issue, a sophisticated search algorithm for past articles, an archive of supplements, and links to EyeWorld educational events and other publications.
A single banner ad position is available. The position appears at the top of the homepage as well as in many interior pages. The banner ad can be purchased as a slot in a rotating sequence with other products/companies (maximum of four ads in rotation), or the space may be purchased as an exclusive fixed position. Minimum space reservation is 30 days.

Metrics (January–September 30, 2016):

Sessions 710,972

Users 563,904

Page Views 825,993


All prices are net 

Item Description Price/month
Single ad in rotation Single banner ad placed in rotation with up to three other ads by other products/companies $550.00
Single exclusive position Fixed position $1,950.00



Size Pixels Format
Leaderboard 675 x 90   <90kb Jpg, gif, or flv