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EyeWorld Meeting Reporter

Multimedia reporting from the world’s leading ophthalmic meetings

EyeWorld Meeting Reporter is a daily multimedia review of the top news events from the world’s leading ophthalmic meetings. The Meeting Reporter is written onsite during each day of one of these meetings. An EyeWorld staff writer attending the meeting covers breaking ophthalmic news from the educational sessions and the exhibit floor.

The Meeting Reporter is broadcast by email each day of the meeting to more than 25,000 eyecare providers. The Meeting Reporter is summarized and printed in the next issue of EyeWorld magazine as well as posted to EyeWorld.org and digital.eyeworld.org for mobile devices.

EyeWorld Video Reporter

Another feature of EyeWorld Meeting Reporter is EyeWorld’s Video Reporter. Hosted by Josh Young, MD, or Jonathan Kahn, MD, the Video Reporter for each meeting is a series of interviews from a wide spectrum of thought leaders and speakers on current topics relevant to the global advancement of eyecare. The Video Reporter is integrated into the Meeting Reporter e-newsletter. Readers interested in viewing these videos are taken via embedded links to a site where the videos are housed. Video Reporters from past meetings are also archived on the site along with the companion print reports from the meeting. Certain meetings will not contain the Video Reporter section. See the chart for full details on offerings per meeting.

The availability of the videos from the Meeting Reporter is marketed by email to the same recipients who received the initial Meeting Reporter e-newsletter. 



Video Update

Advertising opportunities

Meeting Reporter advertising is granted to a single corporate sponsor for each meeting. For the e-newsletter, sponsorship allows the industry partner to place two skyscraper banner ads along the right side of the page and one leaderboard ad beneath the last article. At least one of the two wide skyscraper ads will be above the fold.

For the Video Update, our video site, one skyscraper banner ad will be placed on the right side leaderboard at the bottom of the site. PI information can be included at the bottom of the e-newsletter (below the editorial). For web banners, animated gifs, flv, and html5 files are accepted and can scroll the PI if required.

Length of sponsorship: 

Varies per meeting


Meeting Reporter e-newsletter
January 1, 2017–June 30, 2017

• Sent per reporting day (average): 27,767
• Open rate (Average): 16.78%
• % of clicks on sponsor banner (mean): 4.00%
• % of clicks on sponsor banner (max): 8.00%

Meeting Reporter

Broadcast to more than 25,000 eyecare providers each day of the meeting (average 4 days), plus an additional 1,100 views on the digital online edition, digital.eyeworld.org

Total banner touches: 126,100+

Meeting Reporter summary printed in EyeWorld U.S. with sponsor’s banner on each page (23,000+ copies distributed) and EyeWorld Asia-Pacific (29,000+ copies distributed).
More than 52,000 magazines distributed

Video Reporters

Broadcast by email to more than 25,000 eyecare providers for   20 days (average) after the meeting on Wednesday, Saturday,  and Sunday. Each blast has a sponsor support banner included.
In addition, EWrePlay.org has a sponsor banner.

Total banner touches: 631,236

Video views: 6,236
Video seconds viewed: 1,334,393
Engagement score: 67.5

Meetings and Pricing (sole sponsorship) 

Additional meetings can be provided at the prospective sponsor’s request with or without video component.
Please call for pricing.

Meetings available for 2018

January 13–19 Hawaiian Eye 2018, Maui, Hawaii
February 1–3 Surgical Summit 2018, Park City, Utah
February 8–11 APAO 2018, Hong Kong
April 12  OIS@ASCRS 2018, Washington, D.C.
April 13–17 ASCRS•ASOA 2018, Washington, D.C.
May 17–20 ACS 2018, Qingdao, China
June 16–19 WOC 2018, Barcelona, Spain
July 19–21  APACRS 2018, Chiang Mai, Thailand
August 24–26 COS 2018, Austin, Texas
September 22–26 ESCRS 2018, Vienna, Austria
October 27–30 AAO 2018, Chicago



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With Video

No Video

Hawaiian Eye



Surgical Summit $5,000.00 $4,000.00




Annual Meeting



Cornea Day












ASCRS Glaucoma Day