EyeWorld rePlay

Video and digital capture and post

EyeWorld recognizes the significant expense of time, energy, and money required to host a successful live event. We are firm believers in providing the capability to extend the reach of live programming through the use of video and web technologies. EyeWorld offers the capture of the full program for posting.

EyeWorld rePlay is composed of three distinct areas: Corporate Ed, Corporate rePlay, and Clinical Crossfire.

Corporate Ed

Corporate Ed is a series of videos or interviews of faculty on a promotional topic of a company’s choosing. The videos are set up in a chapter format and are marketed to our list through a strategic marketing campaign. Video views for this format range from 100 to 300.


Corporate rePlay

Corporate rePlay provides industry with the opportunity to post EyeWorld-captured video summaries of their EyeWorld Corporate Morning or Corporate Events sessions. Additionally, full capture and post of an event sponsored by industry is available. Additional views can range from 200 to 1,000+.


Clinical Crossfire

Clinical Crossfire features a video or series of videos associated with an educational topic in a talk show format. This digital educational format utilizes the existing stage set in the EyeWorld Theater and is marketed to our member and non-member lists. Education is estimated to be viewed by 200 to 700 physicians online through strategic marketing campaigns.

Clinical Crossfire hosted on EducationHub.eyeworld.org

For more information on EyeWorld, please contact:

Paul Zelin

​Jessica Donohoe