EyeWorld Augmented Reality

New for 2018!

What is Augmented Reality (AR) and how does it work?
Augmented Reality enhances one’s current perception of reality.

Using our app, a simple scan can transform surgical photos into live videos, speaker videos replace static pull quotes, and equipment or products can transform into a new dimension, improve education, understanding, and the transfer of knowledge.

Adding a New Visual Dimension to Your World!

• Surgical photos turn into live videos
• Speaker videos enhance stories
• Equipment or products transform into a new dimension
• Ads become interactive
• Watch for EWAR at trade shows and in the mail
• Patient/clinical education


We are currently offering two types of AR


A Communication Dial

Give your readers options. The first example shows multiple videos with one scan allowing the viewer to pick and choose. They do not have to stay in the
scanning position.

Choose from the following Communication Dial objects:

• An image
• A photo album
• A video
• A sound clip
• Text
• A contact
• A calendar event
• Link to website or send an email


Projection Mapping

Projection mapping projects an image or video by scanning the visual that has the AR code on it. The image locks onto the visual and moves when you move the visual. It will also continue playing if you remove the visual. Like the Communication Dial, you can give viewers the option to save, go to a website, send an email, or request more information.


How can I incorporate AR in my marketing?

AR images can enhance your current static images by showing a video and telling a story. AR images will hold your audience’s attention and increase comprehension.
AR images are able to be tracked with metrics and can be used across various media. Following are some possible applications.


AR Applications

• Advertisement: Showcase a procedure, equipment or have KOLs describe a procedure or study. Get sales leads with response buttons or direct them to your   website for additional information.
• Trade shows: Display AR code in your booth to showcase a technique or product. Staff can use tablets and hand out cards for customers to view your products.
Staff can also hand out cards with the code printed on them so potential customers can take them and view your video later. Contact info could be printed on the cards or collected through the app’s response system.
• Sales: Visual aids for sales force and leave behinds.
• Marketing materials: Add AR to brochures and bring them to life. Now you can visually and audibly tell a story regardless of ad size.
• Product launches and user support training

Please contact your sales representative for more details on how to incorporate Augmented Reality into your next campaign.

Paul Zelin   

Jessica Donohoe