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Digital.eyeworld.org is EyeWorld’s web-based, mobile-optimized site. Users may view the current edition, past editions, and all other publications available from ASCRSMedia including supplements and digital media. Viewers can download an issue, send articles via email or a variety of social media outlets, and bookmark items for later viewing.

Embedded video

All advertisers in the print edition of EyeWorld automatically have their ad included in the mobile-optimized electronic version.
These advertisers have the option to embed video into their ad for digital.eyeworld.org. The video will run inside the ad with an option to expand the viewer into a full screen player. Should the advertiser choose this option, the company has the option to place a QR code in the print edition of the ad that can be viewed in the same player.

Metrics (month of April 2017)
Issue views: 921
Page views: 17,774
Unique visitors: 490
Cover banner clicks: 14

Video formats may be mp4, mpg, mpeg, mov, ogv, ogg, wmv, avi, flv and SWF. The best quality files are flv. File size limit for all is 50 MB.

Item Size Format
Embedded video < 50mb mp4
Prestitial ad 10” x 13” with .25 bleed pdf


digital.eyeworld.org – Embedded video


Advertising opportunities

Cover 1 prestitial

For each digital issue of EyeWorld on this site, a single digital-only advertising opportunity is available. In landscape mode, the ad will appear as the left hand page of a front cover spread. The cover of the issue is the right hand page. In portrait mode, the ad is the first page that appears on the screen after selection of an issue, followed by the front cover. In either mode, the first item that the user sees when opening this issue is the cover 1advertisement.


Size Description Net price
Cover 1 prestitial Full page opposite cover 1 $750.00 per issue
Embedded video Embedded video within an advertisement $500.00 for the first video in an issue, $250 for each additional video


digital.eyeworld.org – Prestitial advertisement

Landing Page Banner
Banner advertising is now available on the digital.eyeworld.org website. Your banner ad will appear on the lower left hand side of the homepage. The cost for this new opportunity is $750.00 net for 1 month.

Special Offer: Order the cover 1 prestitial and the new banner ad for a discounted price of $1,100.00 net.

Metrics (month of May 2017):
Issue views: 1,129
Page views: 11,446
Unique visitors: 624

digital.eyeworld.org – Banner


Size Pixels Format
Leaderboard 2796 x 379 jpeg or png