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Global Publisher
Director, ASCRSMedia
Donald R. Long don@eyeworld.org P 703-591-2220 F 703-547-8838


Editor, USA
Amy Goldenberg amy@eyeworld.org703-788-5761 F 703-591-0614


Editor, Asia-Pacific
Kathy Chen, Singapore apacrs@snec.com.sg.org P 65-6322-7469 F 65-6327-8630


Managing Editor,
USA & EyeWorld Weekly Update

Stacy Jablonski stacy@eyeworld.org P 703-383-5739 F 703-591-0614


Production Manager
Cathy Stern cathy@eyeworld.org P 703-383-5702 F 703-547-8831


Special Projects & Meetings
Jessica Donohoe jessica@eyeworld.org P 703-383-5754 F 703-547-8843
Shelly Dixon shelly@eyeworld.org P 703-788-5780 F 703-434-3008

Administrative Eyecare

Laureen Rowland laureen@asoa.org P 703-383-5716 F 703-547-8844


Managing Editor
Joanne Lozar Glenn AEeditor@asoa.org P 703-721-2088 F 703-721-2088


Marketing Manager
Lisa Marie Romano lromano@ascrs.org P 703-788-5712 F 703-547-8841


Marketing Design
Brittany Hill bhill@elxel.com
ELXEL lXl Design and Development


Graphic Design
Megan Hacker, P 717-505-9701 F 717-505-7110
The YGS Group


Production Assistant
Susan Younker susan@asoa.org P 703-788-5759 F 703-547-8827

ASCRS Media Sales

Sales Representative
Paul Zelin paul@eyeworld.org P 703-383-5729 F 703-547-8855


Sales Representative
Jaclyn Talon jaclyn@eyeworld.org P 703-975-7744 F 703-547-8853

Reprints & Classified Sales
Cathy Stern cathy@eyeworld.org P 703-383-5702 F 703-547-8831