Special Projects

Video-based projects
ASCRSMedia has a wide range of video projects, that we can customize and tailor to each client’s needs. Opportunities include capturing key opinion leaders’ thoughts in a virtual round table or personal interview, digital case studies, digital roundtables, MOV videos, commercials, sizzle reels, unboxing videos, digital whitepapers/sharing of data, videos, etc.

EyeWorld Corporate Education programs provide companies an opportunity to offer their own educational content adjacent to major ophthalmic meetings in the U.S. EyeWorld facilitates the logistics, planning, and marketing of these events; the corporate host controls the content.

EyeWorld and ASCRS’ Events team deliver:

  • Preferred meeting dates, times, and locations at the ASCRS Annual Meeting;
  • Aggressive marketing tactics to drive attendance, using all of the resources at EyeWorld’s and ASCRS’ disposal;
  • Knowledgeable programming staff with strong resources, including ASCRS leadership, Clinical Committee members, and ASOA Program Committee members;
  • Experience in logistical and marketing services that create a turnkey environment for the sponsoring company. Services include vendor negotiations, marketing and audience recruitment, and content facilitation and programming consultation; and
  • An unparalleled attention to detail and service that provide highly
    flexible solutions to meet varied client needs.

Other capabilities to extend the reach
Recognizing that physicians today obtain their information through a variety of sources and media, EyeWorld has the ability to produce:

  • Print supplements
  • Digital supplements
  • Video on-demand
  • Web-based programming

EyeWorld can produce enduring content
from a wide variety of sources including:

  • Coverage of U.S. ophthalmic meetings
  • EyeWorld Corporate Event programming
  • Physician roundtables (live or virtual)
  • One-on-one interviews conducted by EyeWorld editorial
    staff with pre-selected faculty
  • Coverage of independent, corporate-sponsored events
  • Webinars