Digital Advertising


Desktop specs
A: Leaderboard (above menu) – 728 x 90 pixels
B: Skyscraper (sidebar) – 160 x 600 pixels
C: Interrupter (inside article) – 320 x 50 pixels

Mobile specs
D Leaderboard (above menu) – 320 x 50 pixels
E Interrupter (inside or after article) - 320 x 50 pixels

Ad file formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, or HTML

Files are due 5 working days before the first of the month that the banner will run.

EyeWorld Weekly E-Newsletter

EyeWorld Weekly is a weekly multimedia summary of the top ophthalmic clinical, industry, and research news and events from around the globe. EyeWorld Weekly is broadcast by email each Friday to more than 17,000 eyecare providers throughout the world. The e-newsletter is also posted and archived to the EyeWorld.org main site and digital.eyeworld.org, our site optimized for mobile devices.

Circulation average:
Average number of emails
delivered: 17,681
(8,461 USD; 9,220 INT)
Average open rate: 19.26 %
Average total unique opens: 3,407

3 linked banner ads available each newsletter
Location & Price: Vertical banner: $1,250
Size: 160 X 600
Art due: Three business days before deployment to Cathy Stern,



Digital.eyeworld.org is EyeWorld’s web-based, mobile-optimized site. Users may view the current edition, past editions, and all other publications available from ASCRSMedia including supplements and digital media. Viewers can download an issue, send articles via email or a variety of social media outlets, and bookmark items for later viewing.

Metrics (month of April 2019)
Average Issue views: 921
Average monthly page views: 17,774
Unique visitors: 490


ASCRS Clinical Spotlight

ASCRS Clinical Spotlight is a weekly e-mail featuring two engaging anterior segment presentations captured from the latest ASCRS live meetings. Each ASCRS Clinical Spotlight features expert speakers providing the latest highlights in ophthalmology. This publication is sent Thursday evenings to 5,400+ ASCRS members and has an average open rate 40.2% and an average click through rate of 10.5%. The high open rate and notable click through rate affirm the perceived value for this publication which will boost visibility and credibility for the sponsoring partner.

1 linked banner ad available each week
728 x 90 leaderboard OR 570 x 70 mini-leaderboard
Location: Below the header or above the footer
Price: $1,750.00 weekly rate
Art due: Three business days before deployment to Cathy Stern,


Direct Advertising Email Blast

ASCRSMedia offers up to four monthly promotional email blast for purchase. These are meant to be
promotional/commercial in nature and can be sent to the full member/nonmember lists or to a targeted
demographic of ASCRS membership.

Price: $4,500
Artwork due: Three business days before deployment to Cathy Stern,



ASCRS.org: $175 CPM

ASCRS.org pages available for advertising space:
(avg # of unique views per month)

  • Barret Toric Calculator (32,250)
  • Online Tools (2,300)
  • Meetings (610)
  • Future and Past Meetings (2,605)
  • Member Benefits (750)
# of Impressions Cost
15,000 $2,625.00
20,000 $3,500.00
25,000 $4,375.00
30,000 $5,250.00
35,000 $6,125.00
40,000 $7,000.00
80,000 $14,000.00
120,000 $21,000.00

Banner Sizes:

  • 300 x 250 Medium Rectangle: Performs well between organic content (in line)
  • 336 x 280 Large Rectangle: Performs well between organic content (in line)
  • 728 x 90 Leaderboard: Performs well at Top or Bottom of page, can be used in line with copy
  • 468 x 60 Banner: Can be used in line copy to break up copy

File Type: gif, jpeg, or html files

Advertising Details:

  • Only one ad displayed at a time
  • No right of first refusals
  • Maximum purchase is for 120,000 page views
  • Same ad will be displayed on all 5 pages until CPM is met
  • Client can indicate preferred start time (if open), example: Start on April 10th