Administrative Eyecare

Reaching the ophthalmic practice manager
Administrative Eyecare (AE) is a member benefit publication of the American Society of Ophthalmic Administrators (ASOA). Printed six times a year, this award-winning magazine helps readers stay ahead of trends through feature articles, columns, and case-studies written by colleagues and subject matter experts. AE covers the latest news on legislative and regulatory issues, coding, human resources, business operations, technology, customer care, and much more—all designed to help the ophthalmic practice administrator and staff manage the business of ophthalmology.

Who reads Administrative Eyecare? Influential practice executives and administrators with a key role in the buying process for their practice, ASC, or other facility. The ASOA member is the target market segment for this publication, which has a distribution of over 2,000. Key demographics from a recent member needs assessment:

  • 72% of respondents have more than 10 years experience in the field
  • 50% of respondents have a total practice revenue of greater than $5M
  • 25% manage practices with at least 7 physicians
  • 47% of respondents operate ASCs
  • 67% of respondents run optical shops within the practice
  • 95% of respondents stated ASOA is a trusted source for news and information about ophthalmic practice management



Administrative Eyecare

  • 2,000 ophthalmic executives and practice management staff
  • Consistently ranked as a top ASOA member benefit




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Cover story: Growing Yourself as an Ophthalmic Professional
  • Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today
  • Ophthalmologists Who Don’t Want To Be Shareholders:
     A Case Study in the Use of Contribution Analysis
  • Working Remotely: How to Approach the “People” Issues
  • Patient Flow Revisited
  • Securing Patients’ Payments: PCI and HIPAA Compliance
  • Marketing Advanced Dry Eye Treatments
  • Integrating Your Opticians & Technicians, Part 2:
    Setting Up Success
  • ASC Risk Assessments
  • Max Capacity: Signs That Your Employees
    Are Overwhelmed

Space closing: March 19, 2020
Materials due: April 1, 2020
Mail date: May 2020

Cover story: Future of the Ophthalmic Care Model

  • Annual Meeting Recap
  • Mentoring Your Physician
  • Getting the Most Out of Your Profit and Loss Statement
  • How We Used Technology to Transform Our Practice
    to Concierge Level
  • Marketing Basics: Key Performance Indicators
  • Using Technology to Transform Care: Digital Therapeutics, Telehealth,
  • and Artificial Intelligence
  • Surviving the Peri-Operative Nursing Shortage in the ASC
  • Traffic Jam: The Quickest Route to a Successful Practice Blog

Meeting distribution:
ASCRS ASOA Summer Break
Space closing: May 26, 2020
Materials due: June 8, 2020
Mail date: July 2020


Cover story: What to Consider When Adding a New Subspecialty
to Your Practice
  • Transitioning to an Encore Career
  • Critical Decision-Making Rubrics in Private Equity
  • Beyond Onboarding Staff Training Programs, Year 1
  • Think Big: Protecting the Healthcare Supply Chain
  • Exit Strategies for Retiring Doctors
  • Just the Two of Us: When Mentorship Is the Best Match

Meeting distribution:
AAO Annual Meeting
Space closing: July 21, 2020
Materials due: August 3, 2020
Mail date: September 2020

Cover story: Your New Colleague Is a Millennial—Now What?

  • Prioritizing and Problem Solving Using Nominal Group Process
  • How to Become More Valuable at Work
  • How to Handle the Loss or Major Illness of a Provider
  • Does Your Handbook Have a Bullying Policy?
  • Hacking and Phishing: What’s the Difference and Why Should I Care?
  • Moody Blues: Understand and Manage Your Moods
  • Role Reversal: From Administrator to Patient

Space closing: September 23, 2020
Materials due: October 6, 2020
Mail date: November 2020